What I'm Doing

In honour of World Cancer Day, I'm going to donate my commission cheques to the RVH Foundation to support cancer research, but I need your help! The goal is to donate $10,000 of my income this year.  See how it works below.

How It Works

Anybody who signs a Buyer Representation Agreement or a Listing Agreement with us during the month of February will have a portion of the commission generated from their transaction donated to the RVH Foundation. If you're thinking of buying or selling this year, this is a chance to accomplish that while giving back!

First Transaction

We will donate 100% of the net commission that we earn on the first transaction we generate from this fundraiser.

Every Transaction After

We will donate 25% of the net commission generated from the rest of the transactions we generate from this fundraiser.

Donations will be made when the deal closes.  As long as the Buyer Representation or Listing Agreement are signed in February, it will count towards the fundraiser - the house doesn't actually have to sell in February.


In March of 2014 I lost my Father to a battle with cancer.  He fought a courageous battle for two years but eventually succumbed to the disease that affects so many each year.  It goes without saying that this was a tragedy that impacted me and my family tremendously.  One of the things I always admired so much about my Father was his ability to make something good come from something bad.

(My Mother and Father)

It is in this spirit that I decided last year to start the #CommissionForCancer fundraiser; to make something good from this tragic event.

Our first year was a huge success, and we're looking to take it to the next level this year.

Last year we raised $3,180.  This year we MUST raise at least $10,000.  Check out some of the highlights from last year's fundraiser!

Oh ya... I'm also going to shave my head!

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