2016 was a huge year for content creation!  At The Rossman Team our one and ONLY goal for our blog is to bring our readers a tremendous amount of value.  Whether that's on local topics, or real estate education we're constantly auditing what our readers truly care about.

We've put together a list of our top pieces of content in each genre...


We love our community.  In the effort of truly bringing our readers value, we feel it's important to keep them caught up on what's going on in their city.




 Real Estate Education

As much as we love to talk about Pizza and Cookies, we do sell Real Estate!  There is a huge amount of information online about what to do when you buy or sell.  We try to take away all of the noise and bring you only the information that you need and give you tips you can actually use.



Most Watched Videos

Everybody loves videos of beautiful houses!  Here's some videos of some of the houses we listed this year...


Thank you all for such a great 2016!